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Annual Stewardship Campaign



Why is it important to pledge?

There are many reasons to pledge, of which the following may help you to determine whether to pledge or not:

  • It is an important part of your faith journey.

  • It is a promise to your faith community.

  • It is active witness.

  • It helps the Vestry of Resurrection develop a more accurate plan for the church year.

  • It helps you by providing the necessary record of donations for a tax deduction.


Pledging for 2023

You can submit your pledge to support Church of the Resurrection in 2023 in two ways:

  1. Complete a pledge card (print one by clicking here) and return it to Resurrection via postal mail or by placing it into the offering plate during Sunday services.

  2. Use Resurrection's online pledge tool.

Your 2022 contribution statement.

Your final 2022 contribution statement will be provided in January, 2023.  If you would like to know where your current giving stands for 2021 and/or your 2021 pledge amount, please e-mail the Treasurer.

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