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Are you looking for a church home, looking for a way to become involved with the community of Blue Springs and Eastern Jackson County, Missouri, or perhaps not even sure what you might be looking for? Whatever has brought you to this website, I welcome you and encourage you to look closely at who we are and what we do here at Resurrection Church. Then come and meet us in person, for that is where you will discover fellow children of God, of all ages, seeking to know God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit more and more, and seeking to share God’s love more and more with those around us.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the Jesus Movement in the Episcopal Church and here among the people of Resurrection. We are together called to witness to Christ’s love in the world through the actions of his grace.  Together we worship and share in fellowship regardless of the many distracters that can separate us by race, politics gender or nationality.  All are welcome to share in this holistic setting that relates to what God is seeking us to do in our lives. 


I invite you to come and experience worship with us: you will find different kinds of church services on Sundays and on weekdays. I invite you to come and experience serving our neighbors with us: we participate with a food pantry monthly and serve the homeless and less fortunate through several outreach ministries to include the Community Services League, Nourish Kansas City, UpLift Incorporated of Kansas City, Back Snack feeding programs for Thomas Ultican of the Blue Springs School district and more relationships within our community. I invite you to come and experience fun and fellowship with us: we have special events throughout the year when we, eat, play, and laugh together. I invite you to come and see if God has something in store for your life of faith here at Church of the Resurrection: you will find a group of people who are committed to supporting each other and our neighbors, as we walk our journeys of faith together.


Hoping to meet you soon, and until then, may God’s love, joy, and peace be with you,                                

Father David Lynch +

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