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Letter to Parishioners


April 2021

Spring is here and summer is soon approaching.  I believe we all enjoy the beautiful renovations and improvements that Resurrection has made to our sanctuary and to our grounds the last ten years.  Based on the success of our past successful capital campaigns, our Vestry is proposing a plan to enlarge the Narthex and make badly needed improvements to our entryways.

We know the Holy Spirit moves throughout our faith community; please help us discern the direction God's spirit is now leading us.  We are conducting a Feasibility Survey in order to determine the level of support for the proposed plan outlined in the enclosed Case Statement.  We want and need information that only you can provide.

A cover letter, Case Statement, and Survey was mailed to your home April 6th.  Please complete the paper survey and return it to the Church no later than April 23rd:

Church of the Resurrection

1433 NW R.D. Mize Rd

Blue Springs, MO  64015

If you prefer to scan and email to:

Prior to completing the survey, please study the enclosed Case Statement carefully.   The results of this feasibility survey will be presented to church leadership and a summary will be made available to the entire congregation.

Thank you for your support in our past capital campaigns; and thank you, in advance, for your feedback and suggestions.


Bill Carle


Sr. Warden

Episcopal Church of the Resurrection



Why the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection believes

it needs to conduct a capital campaign at this time.




The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Blue Springs was organized in 1964.  The original church building, comprised solely of the sanctuary, was constructed 46 years ago in 1965.  The building was later expanded in 1982 to the east with the addition of the narthex, office and education space.  In 2011, Resurrection conducted a three-year capital campaign to renovate the worship space, repave the parking lot and make improvements to the exterior.  Additional exterior work was funded with a three-month campaign in the fall of 2015.


The Challenge:

Movement by parishioners between the upper and lower floors of the church is only accessible by a steep, straight stairway.  Access to the church building itself is difficult for elderly and handicapped due to numerous steps and a non-ADA compliant ramp into the lower level of the building from the parking lot.


The Proposal:

Expand the current narthex (entry hall) northward by 15 feet and use the new floor space to replace our current stairway with a much safer and easier-to-use ADA-compliant u-shaped stairway while also adding a wheelchair lift.  A new outdoor ADA-compliant walkway would lead from the parking lot to a new lower-level entry in the expansion.



Expected Benefits of Expansion and Renovation


Easier movement between lower and upper levels:  

Relocating and changing the design of the stairway between the first and second levels of the church eliminates a major safety hazard.  Currently the top of the stairs is located immediately inside the front door to the church.  People often stand in this area, where a bulletin board is located, and there is a high risk of tripping and falling down the stairs.  The straight design and steepness of the stairs also makes the stairs difficult to navigate for handicapped and elderly persons creating another fall risk. The new stairway would be u-shaped in design with two landings and less steep for ease of use and safety.  This stairway would wrap around a new commercial-grade wheelchair lift which would connect the lower level with the upper (narthex) level.  The lift could be used by those with wheelchairs or walkers and by parishioners wishing to avoid stairs altogether.


Increased floor space for fellowship and communications:

The expansion of the narthex would provide additional floor space for fellowship and an attractive view. With the old stairway relocated, Resurrection would acquire an additional 50 square feet of floor space (5' x 10') in the original narthex area.  This could be used for fellowship gathering, welcoming and communications materials.  It would also remove a hazardous and intimidating stairway from our main entrance.


Easier access from the parking lot to church interior: 

An ADA-compliant outdoor walkway would lead from the parking lot to an automatic door on the north side of the newly-constructed expansion.  This ramp would be 42 feet long and 6 feet wide with lighting and handrails.  It would be a convenient way to enter the church by avoiding all exterior steps and the current steep east-entry ramp in the front of the building (which would remain in place.)  To access the upper floor of the church, parishioners could then use the new interior stairway or the new wheelchair lift located a few feet inside the expansion.



The Process:


Our church's annual operating budget cannot fund the extra costs associated with the proposed project.  Therefore, the Vestry is considering a 3 or 5-year Capital Campaign to raise money to complete the project.  In a capital campaign, parishioners are asked to make extra financial sacrifices in addition to their regular contributions to the church over the length of the Campaign. 


The Vestry has authorized a Feasibility Study to determine the level of support for a Capital Campaign to fund this proposed project.  We encourage every parishioner to participate in the study so we will know the direction you believe God is directing us as we go forward.

Click here to print the Feasibility Study

Please return it by U.S. Mail to the Church or e-mail it to

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