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Bank or Credit Union Bill Pay Service


Banks and credit unions generally offer a service where you can ask your financial institution to pay a monthly fixed amount to a given recipient, which can be the Church of the Resurrection. The service is often known as a “Bill Pay” or “Scheduled Payment” service.

The financial institution will write and mail a check with the amount requested at the interval requested and mail the check to the church. They may charge a fee for this service if you do not maintain a specified minimum balance or don't pay a monthly service charge.

You generally need four pieces of information in order to set up a regular bill pay request:

  1. The account from which the money will come

  2. How often you want the payment to occur  – typically once a month at the beginning of the month

  3. The amount to be paid

  4. The recipient


The recipient is:

Church of the Resurrection
1433 NW R.D. Mize Road
Blue Springs, MO 64015-3666
Phone: (816) 228-4220

Bank or credit union bill pay service is generally an inexpensive way of setting up a regular payment schedule. You are most often able to set such a schedule up using the financial institution's web interface. The bill will be paid every month until you request it to be cancelled. You can at any point in time change the amount to be paid.

Each bank and credit union has their own web interface for setting up a bill payment request. Go to your financial institution’s web interface or contact your local branch office for help when setting up a payment request.

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